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This christmas is doomed

We were supposed to have the christmas party a week ago. The guys wanted to have a medieval christmas party, so we needed more time and we were supposed to have that party today. On wednesday morning we went christmas shopping with J. Nice morning, happy morning - we have never done christmas shopping together before this. Nice weather, not too cold, small snowflakes slowly falling from the sky. We only visited small shops and tried to buy ecological and organic stuff from young designers. We were relaxed and happy, but that was about to change. The same moment I stepped out of the car my phone rang. My closest coworker who happens to be a really annoying young man and a small person phoned and said to me that he was about to leave to see a doctor because he was sick (he has been sick once a month since they had a baby in July) and he needed to have some medication, but there was no need for sick leave. In the evening he sent me a text message saying that he will stay at home on Thursday. I had to do his work. Nice. So I had to work like crazy yesterday.

Yesterday I found out that a woman I know had been attacked on our street one morning last week at 5.30 am while she was walking her dog. A tall fiftysomething man had put his hand on her hips and had tried to push her on the ground. Luckily her fox terrier has is not the nicest dog on the planet. He had bitten the man and he had run away. Hopefully the dog bit him badly. Probably the stupid man thought that the dog was too small to hurt him, but terriers are pretty good biters. So now I'm afraid to go out alone - me - I have never been afraid to go to anywhere alone. I used to go to the woods in the middle of the night. I won't do that any time soon.

Later J had a phone call. An 8-year old boy had run away from home and they needed volunteers to search him. Once a volunteer, always a volunteer. He spent the whole night outside with other volunteers, soldiers and policemen trying to find that boy. I woke up a couple of times because two helicopters made a terrible noise as they flew over the forest area searching the boy as well.

In the early morning J came home and went to sleep and I opened my laptop. Just to fond out that my coworker was on sick leave. I also found out that he had told everyone else that he will be on sick leave on thursday and on friday. I was the only one who did not know that and I was supposed to do his work. I was pissed off already at 8 am. Apparently my "lovely" coworker had promised to do quite a lot on Friday, so I'm still working at 8.15 pm. J woke up after have slept only four hours. He left at noon and is still outside as they try to find the kid. I hope they will find him soon, it is cold outside.

My "sick" coworker was not too sick to send emails. I saw about ten emails starting with: I'm on the sick leave, but...

So the party was cancelled. I don't really mind, I just wish that I could stop working right now.



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Dec. 21st, 2012 07:19 pm (UTC)
Oh my, that is a lot of crazy stuff all in a short time! Inconsiderate of your co worker to not tell you!!! I am sorry that your party was cancelled as it sounded fun!! LOVE the photo of your dress you'd posted recently - I think I forgot to comment! I've been super busy myself so I'm looking forward to a week off next week to relax.

I do hope they find the boy. And gosh be careful out there!! I hope they catch the guy trying to hurt innocent women!!!

Bright Blessings!!!

Dec. 21st, 2012 08:18 pm (UTC)
My co worker is a piece of s**t (sorry). He is an excellent coder, but has limited social skills. No one seems to believe that he was sick and kept calling me asking if he really was sick. How would I know?

It would have been nice to have the party, but I can not say that I'm disappointed. I'm probably too tired to even think about a party. The dress still fits me - I was a bit surprised that it did.

They have not found the boy, J is coming home now. I hope that the boy has found a warm place to sleep in. He won't survive outside. It was about -18 C last night and it is as cold now. It's fatal to fall asleep outside.

I forgot to ask the woman if she told the police. I really hope she did. And I hope that the dog bit the stalker's genitals.

I hope you will have a nice and relaxing week.

And I think I owe you an email :).
Dec. 21st, 2012 08:18 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, sorry to hear about all your problems. I hope the boy is found and is ok.

I hope the woman you know who was attacked will be ok and I hope her dog bit the attacker really good and it gets infected! Ha! that will teach him a lesson hopefully.

It's too bad about the party since you went to so much trouble making a dress but maybe you can use for some other party in the future. Your co-worker sounds like he could just be wanting a few extra days off for Christmas and leaving you with all the work. I hope that's not the case but some people are like that.

Have a Merry Christmas and try not to stress out too much over all that is going on.
Dec. 21st, 2012 08:39 pm (UTC)
I just replied to Cat's comment that they have not found that boy and they have stopped searching him, but they will continue in the morning.

The woman is fine, she was a bit shocked and could not believe that something like that could happen in this area. And I hope that the dog bit that man's genitals. Infection would be a nice bonus.

I did not make the dress now, I have made it about ten years ago to a medieval christmas party at work. This would have been a second chance to wear the dress.

Everyone seems to believe that my co worker was not sick. I think so too, but we will never know.

Merry Christmas to you too. I won't stress, I'm just annoyed, but I will try to take the dog out at the same time as the other dog walkers - J will go out with me and Sulo if he is here with us.
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