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Puppy and the lake

This week has been warm and nice. Sulo spent a lot of time in the lake today. He is so cute in the water.

Eeeee.... here he goes again.


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I haven't done any of these in a while. I hope the photo would have been better quality, but despite of that I couldn't resist that Sir W goatee.

sir W tausta

Home sweet home

My interior project seems to last forever. The designer keeps posting me images she has found in the internet. Is that really how they work? I could do that myself. I don't get any new designs from her. She is possibly busy with other customers or just slow and I'm bitter because this has taken five months now - and I have nothing - and it is impossible to have this done this autumn because I cannot get a good constructor, they are too busy. I thought that I would save some time by hiring a designer - I was so wrong. I have said to her several times that I DO NOT WANT MY HOME TO BE TRADITIONAL AND ROMANTIC and still that is all I get. Basically what I want is very Scandinavian and a Finnish designer should understand what that means. The designer is a very nice woman, it feels awful to say time after time that no - that's not what I want. I have shown her pictures of the interiors that I like - obviously she was not inspired by those. Now I know that I probably should have hired the three times more expensive one, but too late now.

This project won't ever be finished if I just sit home and wait. Two days ago I called the man who designed my kitchen with me. I will meet him next Tuesday. I hope that he is able to help me with the bathroom furniture. On Tuesday I will also visit several interior shops.

The entry will probably look like this. The floor is already done, it is almost white. I will send this one the designer too. One room done.

eteinen sisustus copy

The old wardrobe in the photo is mine - it is about 200 years old - can you believe that the designer suggested that I could attach a hat rack on one side of that. She does not understand the difference between a old handmade treasure and a cheap Ikea wardrobe. Is she a fake designer?


What an awful summer this has been - the weather I mean. It has been raining almost every day and if it has not been raining, it has been cold. If I hadn't had the puppy I would have booked the first flight possible to southern Europe.

Despite the stupid weather we will have J's birthday party at his house in the countryside tonight. It does not rain (yet). J's birthday is actually on August 2nd, but because I had to change my vacation time, we were forced to have this party earlier. He does not know too much about his party, only thing he knows is that he was told to go to the fleamarket and buy a suit - the kind of suit that men wore at 1939. He has one now.

I got the idea of that one Clive Owen fan made video - not the video, nor Hemingway and Gellhorn, but the music. It was Xavier Cugat's Perfidia (recorded 1939). Good year because it was before the war started, that is why I chose that particular year.

But when I searced partymusic on youtube (thank god for youtube), I changed my plans a bit. Perfidia will be on the playlist, but I also happened to find a couple of great electro swing songs. I remembered that J had visited an electro swing club when he was in Paris and he had liked that a lot. And as usual - we don't have that kind of clubs in Finland.

I have heard a couple of electro swing songs before, but had not paid much attention on those.

I absolutely love this The Puppini Sisters version of Beyonce's Crazy in love.

And the Bart & Baker version of Istanbul (not Constantinople).

And the Tim Tim version of Rum and Coca Cola.

Rum and coke is not very Finnish drink - vodka is, but we we have both. Food will be very old fashioned Finnish food.

And guess what - it started to rain while I was writing this. Damn.



I went shopping with my interior designer today. She wanted to show me some tiles and other stuff. I think I have said this earlier - I'm fast shopper. I know immediately what I like and what I don't like. This was the first tile she wanted me to see. It's for window sill in the living room. I said to her that this is the color I would like, the tiles are not very similar to those I had seen on British interior magazine Living etc, but of course you have to compromise. Those golden stripes are not what I wanted, but this will have to do.

I would have said yes to this one without visiting the shop, but I'm glad we went there, because I found perfect tiles for the shower area. Love at first sight ;).

Perfect tiles and sofa and other stuff HERECollapse )

A meeting with the interior designer

I had a meeting with my interior designer today. She brought tiles and wallpapers with her. I did not like her first designs, but now I think this is going to work. Still I'm not sure which one of us is the designer - but that does not matter, I'll get what I want, she will find the shops and she will get paid. I have to say that she has designed a nice desk and a wonderful bookshelf for me. Little changes will be made, so I won't post the pictures yet.

And now it is sure - the walls won't be gray!!!!!!!

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Sleepless in Finland

Sunrise 4.07 am, sunset 22.39 pm, length of the day 18 hours 32 minutes. In reality the day is longer - it's not dark at the nighttime any more. I sleep maybe four -five hours a night. It is impossible for me to sleep when it is not dark outside. And the day is getting longer day by day.

Luckily I don't live in northern Finland. The sun has been shining there 24/7 since May 15th - the next sunset will be on July 26th.

This photo was taken a few minutes after 10 pm.

♥ Puppy love ♥

Here he is, my new tibbie baby.

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Time to say goodbye

My old and much loved dog will be put to sleep this afternoon just one month before his 15th birthday. I chose to stay home from work to spend his last day with him. We have walked, he has had his favourite food and he has slept in my armpit and on the bed and also between J and I. Eppu is still happy and energetic, but his legs are a bit weak.

This all happened very fast and there are times when I think that could I still wait a few days or even weeks. He does not seem to have any pain - he runs and plays and eats normally. But no - he has had a long and hopefully happy life and now it is time to say goodbye.

I have not eaten or slept in two days. Yesterday I managed to be normal at work. I have cried and cried and cried and cried. Eppu tries to comfort me and that makes it worse. I love that dog so much.

This is awful, but something nice will happen tomorrow - yesterday I called the owner of the kennel (where I bought Eppu and also my previous dog Pete). He said that he has one tibbie puppy there right now and next ones in June. I don't want to wait that long, so this morning I called him again. Tomorrow I can go there and bring the new tibbie baby home with me. I feel like I'm a traitor as Eppu is still here with me. I guess my easter holiday will be smiling through tears.





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